2012 NFL Week 11


We’re nearing that time again when the NFL coaching carousel starts going into motion.  Who should be leaving, who should already be gone and who is the one guy who deserves another shot.  That plus, the Blue Collar Bowl, dysfunctional Gang Green, injured QB’s and picks for every game from myself and Macy Golder.

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2 comments on “2012 NFL Week 11

  1. tom dion on said:

    So agree about Fassel, only thing you hear is he lost control of the players which he did but really not one shot?

    • cduprau on said:

      lots of coaches lose control of their players after being in the same locker room for a while, i think what really hurt him and I should have mentioned it, was when he was the OC in Baltimore, his best friend Brian Billick took play calling duties away from him, and then the Ravens offense took off, that was the last time Fassel was even in the NFL and that was ’06

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